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I visited Canyon Scents in Queen Creek, AZ today, and their fragrances are just amazing! As one of the co-founders of the original Gold Canyon candle company, Canyon Scents has done an amazing job of matching the original Gold Canyon quality!

Curt Waisath, Gold Canyon Candles Co-Founder

I used to regularly purchase Gold Canyon candles, and when they went out of business, we tried other brands, but none compared. Then I found Canyon Scents! I researched to see if they were really the original scents, took a leap of faith, and they were amazing! They smell exactly the same as Gold Canyon candles did--I'm so thankful I could burst!

Susan B.

I had a booth at a local farmer's market today. A customer bought a Berry Citrus candle and said 'It smells just like a Volcano candle from Anthropologie that I just paid $70 for!'

Micki L., Consultant

I'm so impressed with my Champagne Wishes candle. It spreads through my entire house, even onto the second floor! It also lasted way longer than my Bath and Body Works candles ever did!

Bailey W., Customer

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