Our Story

Hi! I'm Karen Badousek, owner and founder of Canyon Scents and I’m so glad you’re here!
Candles have been my passion since I started with Gold Canyon Candles in 1999. After nearly 20 years in the industry, my business and team had grown strong, and everyone locally knew me as the “candle lady” and loved coming to my home/shop my candle cottage in Queen Creek, Arizona. So when Gold Canyon closed their doors abruptly in the spring of 2020, I was devastated.
After a year of trying other brands of candles, trying to find something comparable to the original Gold Canyon's legendary fragrances, I realized no other brand could hold a candle (pun intended!) to their quality! It was then that I decided it was time to dive in (with the help of a few friends!) and use my years of experience and knowledge to create my own "World's Finest Candle." This is how Canyon Scents began.
Canyon Scents was born in the Fall of 2021 in Queen Creek, AZ, just 10 miles from the original Gold Canyon candle factory. Our Candles are made from the finest wax available. Soy blend and food-grade paraffin blend.  Each candle is made with a slightly different balance of wax, wick type, and premium fragrance oils, and carefully tested before we release it to ensure our standard of excellence.  Additionally, all of our materials (including our recyclable glass jars) are made right here in the US! Our attention to detail is what makes us unique, and our standard of quality is what sets us apart from other brands. When you try our candles, you will see for yourself that our careful selection of fragrances and rigorous testing shines through--our fragrances permeate better, and our waxes burn more evenly than any other candle on the market!
Our mission is to provide the highest quality scented candles with a clean, safe, even burn to our customers, and to develop opportunities for individuals seeking success through a home-based business. We also strive to support communities by providing fundraiser opportunities for schools and other organizations.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here! We hope you love our candles as much as we do!