When Gold Canyon closed their doors in 2020, many were left wondering who they could turn to for quality home fragrances. Since then, there has been a lot of confusion surrounding the brand and future of Gold Canyon, so here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help dispel any rumors.

Is Gold Canyon still in business?

No, Gold Canyon abruptly shut their doors in 2020 and no longer operate as a business.

Is Gold Canyon on Amazon?

There are candles on Amazon under the original branding from Gold Canyon, but they are NOT the same fragrances or quality as the original Gold Canyon candles.

Does Canyon Scents have the original Gold Canyon fragrances?

Yes! Canyon Scents chemists have worked countless hours to duplicate the exact fragrances you love from Gold Canyon. We also carefully and individually test each candle's wax, oil, and wick types to ensure the best possible throw!

Do any other candle retailers have the original Gold Canyon fragrances?

While there are other candle companies that use the same fragrance names as Gold Canyon, the fragrance notes and quality of the candle's burn and throw are incomparable to the original formula. Canyon Scents is the only candle company dedicated to not only duplicating the original fragrances, but ensuring the quality of the candle and standard of excellence you would expect from the best in the industry.